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Monday, November 05, 2007

Small Blessings

Sometimes it takes the small things in life to make you really happy -- like getting out of rehearsal an hour early. I love singing, but long rehearsals until late at night get exhausting. I wish we could start an hour earlier, but I apparently am in the minority there.

I did get another motif done on my latest project. Oh yes, I started a new project on Saturday -- Isis from French Girl Knits. I'd like to teach a crocheted scarf class this winter/spring and that looks like a good candidate -- the shop can get in the patterns in plenty of time and it calls for Kidsilk Haze, of which they also have plenty.

Mohair and I just don't get along, however. I'm doing my sample in Jaeger Alpaca - and in one strand instead of two. It makes the motifs slightly smaller, but for my use that is fine since I prefer my scarves to be four to five inches wide rather than seven. It also is allowing me to test out alternate materials in case anyone else is not partial to mohair. Pictures to come once I dig my card reader out of the netherworld into which it seems to have fallen.


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