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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Getting rid of stuff

I am really trying to get it together to move this year -- I've been in the same apartment for far too long, and even if I don't find the condo I want to buy, at least I can find something a little closer to work and church. Before I can move, of course I have to manage to pack up all my stuff -- and the less I have to move the better.

Today I managed to divest myself of quite a bit - the huge box of flipflops (new in packaging) from a business deal that never happened (note: if you're going to have to order in bulk, get payment for at least part of the commissioned order in advance or you're going to get stuck with a lot of inventory) went to a gentleman who is probably going to resell them at a flea market at a mark-up, but I made my money back from it, so I don't care and I don't have to deal with them anymore. I've packed up all my VHS tapes and whatever I can't sell to Half-Price Books (provided they still buy them) will get donated to the church or the thrift shop. Another friend had a garage sale and I sent some additional stuff over there, albeit not as many things as I probably could have... No clothes went: anything like that is going to a clothing swap and leftovers are going to the thrift shop. I've still got a bunch of boxes I need to haul out for recycling, so that's part of tomorrow's to-do list.

Over the next few weeks I am going to go through my yarn inventory and perhaps put up for swap or sale anything that I don't plan to use in the near future - if the yarn is just sitting there hidden away it certainly isn't doing me any good. :)


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