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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Be glad I didn't have a camera...


Gotta love those days when you are downtown Austin and something makes you double-take. Well, maybe you don't. Today's double-take brought to you by everyone's favorite: Leslie. He was walking up South Congress in a semi-normal crop top and cheerleader skirt, but the skirt only covered the front half. The back half was nothing but thong. And it was windy today, y'all.

Funnier than seeing Leslie was watching the reaction of the other people on the street - many of whom obviously have never been treated to his presence before.

...and hopefully this post will actually make it through. Lately Blogger has been acting up, so the last week or so of my posts haven't actually made it over to my blog as yet. My apologies for the spam to any RSS feeds out there when it finally does catch up.


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