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Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Have boa, will travel...

Tonight I finally finished my Fun Fur boa, and I'll get pics up in my photo album by this weekend. I hope. Goodness only knows around here... :)

Random occurrence for today:
Apparently I am a hottie. At least, someone thinks so... I drove through the deli drive-thru at the local HEB (that's a grocery store for you non-Texans) to get a bite to eat and the clerk was...well...a little nicer than usual to me. I just thought he was a happy kid (I don't think he was much more than 18). After driving away, I thought nothing more of it, until I got to my destination and opened my styrofoam tray to nibble. He had scratched the word HI! (with a heart at the bottom of the exclamation point) in the inside top of the tray. I had to laugh - that was the cutest thing anyone had done for me in a while. Not that I am unattractive, I guess, but I don't consider myself a classic "pretty".

Onto another subject before I start my own pity party. :) Tomorrow night we (Austin Civic Chorus) have a -little- concert: just 25 or so of us singing at a local elementary school concert. It will be fun, though - 4 or 5 pieces from Judas Maccabaeus, plus the Kyrie from Robert Ray's Gospel Mass. And I get to do the female solo. :)


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