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Thursday, April 24, 2003

Lookee, lookee!

Well, I did it. I got my tools organized finally and started making a few stitch markers.

The two coiled wire ones mark my first real foray into wire working - and I've discovered that I really need to make myself a jig for some of the shapes I want to try. My first couple of coils came out okay, though; I just need practice.

The ring markers are 9 mm in diameter, so they should fit up to about 8.5 mm needles. I'm going to experiment with different sizes and shape to see what I like best. One of these days, I might also get into Fimo bead making and play with designs there as well. All the beads come from my extensive bead stash that I haven't played with since....oh...about 1997 -- that was when the Monkees tour came to town and I made a bunch of beaded frogs, necklaces and other gifts for some friends who came to see the show.

Right now, stitch markers are FUN. And that's a Good Thing (tm). :D


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