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Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Another OMG moment

Augh. And you can quote me on that. This afternoon I had a dentist appointment, so I took Pink Flutterby with me for waiting room KIPping.

One of the other ladies in the waiting room waited until precisely the wrong moment to ask me a question - which startled me slightly and caused me to drop about 10 stitches off the working needle. Ack ack ack. Unfortunately at least two of them dropped down a couple rows rather quickly and I wasn't able to pick them back up and had no other tools with me to save the stitches, except for a ball point pen, which is bigger than the needles I was knitting with. So I grabbed the stitches that I could with the pen cap, and carefully put the whole thing back in its bag -- tomorrow I am taking it with me to the LYS to see if she can help me fix the problem. I'd certainly hate to have to frog and start over once I'd gotten to almost the halfway point.

Sigh. Tonight, I think I will take out my frustrations on the wonky sock (froggin' spectaular!), and then start again - this time I'll try the 12" Addi needle.


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