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Monday, November 10, 2003

Sinus problems stink.

Bleargh. And you can quote me on that. Handel made his Messiah hard enough to sing without being a soprano fighting sinus problems. Thankfully the director let me skip out on the last half of rehearsal tonight so I can come home, medicate myself and go to bed.

On the plus side, with the long weekend (well, sort of long) I had down at Mom's, I got a lot of crafting done. Thursday night I started (and finished, save weaving in ends) the Plush hat for Ann's mother, which you can see at the left. It is a pattern I've done before from the C&C booklet Twice as Nice, and I used Red Heart TLC Amore in Red Velvet. This is a new yarn from RH that is a sort of chenille-y boucle. Very soft!

I got at least another 8 inches done on the first panel of Tilt, plus an inch or so more of stockingette done on Pink Flutterby. I started (several times) a fingerless glove from the latest Interweave article, using Limbo México. I've even gotten a couple more inches done on the back to the Debbie Bliss baby boatneck sweater. I have to finish that baby sweater this week, and I want to get either PF or Tilt done before I start on my next goodie yarn (that I finally got in the mail this weekend!):

This is a laceweight merino in emerald green, about 12 ounces worth. I think it will make a wonderful shawl! I just have to finish something else first!!!! Ah well, to sleep - perchance to dream...


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