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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Late night ramblings

Wow. I just typed out two really long posts. And deleted them before posting - one, then the other. You do have to watch what comes out of your fingers late at night - one badly oriented phrase and you can be in danger of alienating people you love. Or worse, encouraging people you don't. :D

Speaking of movies (we were, weren't we? today or yesterday? whatever... :), I saw a few good ones today. HPIII was first on the bill - nice mid-morning matinee with a long-time friend. I'll even forgive the kid who kept elbowing me in the side. :D While the screenwriters took a few (I thought) unnecessary liberties with the plot, the whole of it followed the book rather well. Quite well done, as a whole.

This afternoon was devoted mainly to knit and nosh time - catching up with P, J, and A while working on Victoria, which is now a whole 3 inches tall! Once back home, I sat down with the Daria bag and two movies - Under the Tuscan Sun and Le Divorce. UTS I've seen before - and it still astonishes me how different it is than the book it is (purportedly) based on. Or have I said that already? No matter, it's still a good movie. Le Divorce was a recommendation of a different movie friend - and this was an interesting one. 'Twas definitely not of a genre I would normally have gone with on my own -- I prefer outright chick-flicks to happy-sad dramas, although this one ended well. I always was a sucker for a happy ending. Daria is coming along, as well, though not nearly as fast as I would like. The cording is not as friendly to tired wrists and I cannot work on it as quickly as normal yarns.

Tomorrow's plan: to finish a commissioned item, and perhaps to make another Round the Capelet with some yarn I still have from Italy (and for which I cannot make up my mind as to which pattern to use). I had originally planned to do the underskirt for a long-overdue doll, but I think the pattern has gone to my storage unit - I'll have to go searching for it this week. ...ah, and I just remembered that one of my students wanted to learn lace crochet. Time to get some of those books out as well.

Being that it is after midnight, and therefore long past my bedtime - good night! :D


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