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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Rose Bowl shoot-out

Oh. My. Gosh. This has been probably one of the best football games I've seen all year. If you haven't seen the game yet and still plan to, STOP READING NOW.



Ok, they gone? Good. 37 seconds left on the clock, down by 2, and Texas runs. 2 seconds left to go, and out comes Dusty. I love Dusty Mangum, and I'm almost sorry to see him graduate. Now they're playing a mind game with timeouts. I can't knit, I'm so wound up. Ok, all the timeouts are gone now -- can Dusty win the Rose Bowl for us?

YES! It's good!! TEXAS WINS THE ROSE BOWL!! I'm so happy - I'm bouncing on my bed and still typing here. :D As much as I dislike Mack Brown, I must say this team has earned this victory. Michigan played a fabulous game, and this was a hard-played and hard-won fight.

I only wish I could also report my first FO of 2005, but I think the 'Horns have finished, and started, quite nicely. :D


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