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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Time flies...

...when you're not paying attention.

How can it be March already? What happened to January and February? For goodness' sake, I haven't even done one of my patterns from this year's Knitting Pattern-A-Day calendar.

Part of my mysterious time warp can be attributed to my extra-curricular activities, I suppose. After all, when you have multiple rehearsals a week (each one three hours, at that), the days start to blend into one another.

Our first concert set is this weekend, though - Friday at St. Matthew's and Saturday at NW Hills. This is for the Texas Choral Consort's Haydn series. With any luck, my sinus problems will subside before the concert. I have made it through the last couple of rehearsals without too much difficulty, so that's good.

I've been working on quite a few projects during all these rehearsals - finished a couple things like the baby blanket for my boss and his wife. Pictures are coming, I promise -- just been a little busy lately. :) Right now I am also working on those socks in Meilenweit Trend, and I really love the patterning that this particular ball is doing. Perhaps by the end of the week I'll have one done, and then I can finish the second next week. Here's to productive knitting time!


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