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Monday, January 31, 2005

Miso Sad

Whyso sad? Our dear friend V is leaving for the big D, where she will be pursuing a job offer. We sent her off in style, or at least with a lot of fun, this week - a few sessions of KIPping, a few movies and some time just hanging out (while she packed -- had to happen somewhen in there). All is not lost, however - the big D is only a few (cough) miles down the road, so some roadtrips are sure to happen!

On Thursday last, I was inventorying my collection of WIPs and UFOs and noticed that I didn't have a darn thing finished in the month of January. I decided that this was a tragedy just crying for a solution, and whipped out this baby in our 3 hour KIP session. It's a free pattern from Lion Brand Yarns and done with one skein of LB Jiffy. I did eliminate the earflaps, though - we decided it was long enough and christened it Gnomy 2. All hail the first FO of 2005!

In the "endless knitting" category, I am very happy to announce that only 1 row and a bind-off (and a couple seams) stand between me and another FO - the neverending vest. The color here is pretty accurate - it is called red but looks more like coral. For the curious, it is done in some absolutely ancient Caron Dazzle that my grandmother sent me (and requested the vest), but the yarn is holding up well -- all my whining about it notwithstanding. By the end of the week, this baby should be totally complete and waiting to go into the mail.


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