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Friday, January 14, 2005

Getting my groove on

Well, I had a visit to the neurologist earlier this week to determine if I have carpal tunnel syndrome, at which time he had the lab techs take around 13 vials of blood (at least I wasn't the one in there doing glucose tests) to see what might be the cause. And he told me to lose weight (oooh, shocker).

Today, I got a new toy to help motivate me on that last bit -- DDR Extreme for my PS2 and a dance mat. I do an awful lot of walking, but it is sad how quickly I got tired on the beginner level. The cool thing about this game is it has a workout option, which allows you to keep track of your calories burned, weight lost, etc. We'll see if this lasts longer than my resolution to hit the gym at least once a week.

OKC: KIP at Gelato's tonight (183 and Burnet by Benihana -- meeting at 7pm).


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