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Thursday, January 13, 2005

TMI of the day

Normally I avoid meme lists like the plague. Today, I decided to let the TMI all hang out since this one has been bouncing around lately - as seen on Knotology. Hey, it's been a long week.

Grooming Products

Shampoo -- Paul Mitchell Tea Tree/Salon Selectives
Moisturizer -- L'Occitane or Lubriderm
Cologne -- none usually, but currently favoring armani mania
Razor -- Venus
Toothpaste -- Crest


Cell phone -- LG flip phone (did you know it was short for Lucky Goldstar?)
Computer -- Dell desktop and notebook system
Television -- one Phillips, one unknown, one broken Sears TV/VCR combo
Stereo -- have one, rarely use it, favor my Creative MuvoTxFM


Sheets -- Bed in a Bag from Garden Ridge
Coffee-maker -- the coffee shop downstairs
Car -- Ford Escort
Stationery -- mmm...I've got some but I haven't used it in so long I couldn't pick the manufacturer out of a line-up. My email stationery is called WebSpiceFancyStripDarkGreen.


Bottled water -- Dasani or Aquafina, usually
Coffee -- chai, please
Vodka -- Absolut, or whatever is available
Beer -- not so much, unless I'm in Europe


Jeans -- Venizia
T-shirt -- college or work-related, generally
Briefcase or tote -- Dell Dude backpack
Sneakers -- Ryka
Watch -- Timex

Favorite Places
Seattle's Best, Hill Country Weavers, church, Gelato's, Alamo Drafthouse, Austin. :D

Necessary Extravagance
Yarn, and regular pedicure/manicure sessions


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