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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Whatever you do, remember the sunscreen

I love mix radio stations. Especially ones willing to transcend the decades and play everything from 60s to current music (hey, even big band stuff from further back, too!). One of them here today played Sunscreen this morning, a song I haven't heard in quite a while. It did serve as a great reminder that there are some things we should always remember.

Advice is always easy to dispense in hindsight. It's also easier for single people to give marriage advice, and childless folk to give advice about child-rearing. It's not completely an experience standpoint, but a view of the observer -- someone who has seen it and can generally objectively give an opinion from the outside. Does it make it any more or less valid than those who have "walked the walk," so to speak? I don't know - does scientific external observation of an event preclude understanding of what is actually happening inside? The point is infinitely debatable.

But hey, remember the sunscreen.


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