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Saturday, January 22, 2005

What a long week it's been

Oy, can't believe that it has been almost a week since I last spewed randomness here. Ok, maybe some of it wasn't so random, but the stream of consciousness effect is kind of fun. :)

It is almost the end of January and I still don't have an FO to report for 2005. However, I have two almost FOs -- Grandma's vest is nearing completion (only a few more rows to go before I can assemble and knit on the edging) and I finally finished weaving that runner/scarf for which I dyed the weft. I actually stopped weaving a few inches short of where I wanted, because one side was loose and wouldn't tighten and I didn't want a ripple running the length of that side. It is still long enough for a respectable scarf, however, once I finish it off and give it a nice bath. I think I might also bead the end of the fringe, if I can work up the ambition to do so -- there are a LOT of ends.

In other news this week, I managed to bang myself up a bit by falling down some flagstone steps. Luckily I only sustained minor scrapes and a few wrenched muscles, but that was enough for me to be on muscle relaxers and pain killers yesterday. Much as I hate medication, even I have to admit that sometimes it is necessary. Other than some residual soreness, though, it's not too bad.

Ah well, time to fo laundry, and perhaps later, some knitting! :D


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