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Saturday, April 09, 2005

I've been a bit remiss

'Twas mentioned to me the other day that I haven't given enough details on the projects I trotted forth on the fourth. So...here goes. :)

The leaf cap is adapted from a pattern in Too Cute Crochet, done in a day and a half (approx 6 hours of work, I think) in Sugar N' Cream cotton, shades Jute, Dark Brown and Sage - less than one ball of each.

The vest was started around October or so, and would have been finished much faster if I hadn't kept getting sick of it. The pattern comes from Knitting Digest, August 2004 (I think), again modified for my use - I eliminated the brioche stitch it called for because it certainly never would have been visible in this yarn. The yarn is an old Caron acrylic - older than me - and used for this project because my grandmother found it and sent it to me, requesting a vest. By the way, while current acrylics (yes, even Caron and Red Heart) can be fun to work with, really old acrylics set my teeth on edge. If you have an acrylic yarn to work with that you think feels horrible - don't give up on it, but do remeber that it will take at least one good washing with a gentle soap and good fabric softener to wash out the processing chemicals and soften the finished object up. As much as I hated the yarn, I have to say that this vest came out very well.

Thanks to all who sent the comments and emails about the accident - it was an experience I hope to not repeat anytime soon. :)

For those of you in Austin, there is a free recital tonight at Koenig Lane Christian Church. The recital starts at 7:30pm, and I will be performing a piece by Mozart somewhere in there. :D


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