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Thursday, June 16, 2005

10 Things To Do Before You Die

As I sit here, contemplating my 30 years on this earth, I wonder what I have and haven't accomplished that I absolutely should in my life. (Okay, really I was just bored and wondering if I really am in the right career.)

How does one measure success? I'd like to say that I am successful because I am secure in my faith and that I have family and friends to share my life. But what have I accomplished?

Forbes.com ran an article a few years back on the 10 things to do before you died. Here's my take on that list.

  1. Make a pilgrimage. I have made one pilgrimage of sorts -- when I was in high school and in my early years of college, I'd promised myself to go on Tour when I'd finished my bachelor's degree. I finally managed this in the spring of 2004, when I went on a choral tour to Germany, Austria and Italy. There are still places in Europe I have plans to see, but I've gotten to go to several cities that have major significance to me.

  2. Eat a meal good enough to be your last. Oh, so not a problem. In different countries, even.

  3. Climb your own mountain. I think we each overcome our own mountains on a regular basis. I know I still have a rather large mountain range out there waiting for me, but I've at least gotten through the foothills. :)

  4. Memorize a poem and pass it on. Sadly, I think none of us do this near often enough. I try, via my singing, as well as through the learning poems I teach the children I get to work with in Sunday School. However, I think this is a good challenge to myself -- time to start looking for a new poem with meaning and find someone to share it with.

  5. Make an enemy for life. This one I succeeded at when I was 15 or 16 years old - although I had no intention of making it a lifetime thing. There was this girl in high school who always tried to play up to me, even though she hated my guts (and I still am not sure why, unless it was a race-related thing -- and I think that's sad). When I saw her a couple years back at our reunion, she still had that hatred thing going on. Of course, this probably isn't what Forbes meant, but...

  6. Forgive someone. Almost daily, even if it is only forgiving myself for stupidity sometimes.

  7. See for yourself that the earth is round. Now this would be one heck of an adventure... I've yet to go all the way around.

  8. Take someone you love to the Camera degli Sposi. I've gotten close, but not actually to this palace. Definitely a stop on the future travels list.

  9. Defy gravity. No real urge to bungee jump, although I did get to play a little in a (bad) antigrav simulator back in high school. Perhaps something a little more extreme is in order...

  10. Let someone else have the chance you missed. I'm getting close on this one - my nephew wants to go to Julliard, which was a dream I had at that age, too. He's definitely good enough, but getting in will be up to him. I might be able to help finance it, but that really depends on the cost and whether he gets any other financial aid.

So, there you go. Six or seven of them I've completed or nearly so, with a couple more to go. Now I just have to start planning a couple more extended vacations... ;)


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