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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Another Good Book

I just finished reading Cowboy Feng's Space Bar and Grille (by Stephen Brust). Actually, my ability to devour a novel in an hour or two can be somewhat a blessing and a curse, as I get to the end sooner but then I am left begging for more. In this case, it is one heck of a sci-fi/fantasy novel filled with plot twists at which Brust excels (if you haven't read the Vlad Taltos novels, I highly recommend them as well). Feng's is a book I've glanced through several times in the past, but apparently I've never read it all the way through -- at least I don't remember ever doing so, now that I've completed it.

All babbling aside, if you are a fan of the sci-fi/fantasy genre, you should really read a book or two by Brust. You probably won't stop there. If you are only into pure fantasy or pure sci-fi, or you hate plot twists and want only stories with a purely happy ending, try it anyway - you may be surprised. :)

Onward and upward, to pics of my SP5 gift!! First, a shot of what I saw when I opened the box. Yes -- they are a couple of VERY cute buttons, one that says song (bird) and the other Super (star). I love them!! They will be perfect flair for my music bag. :D

The pièce de résistance? Six skeins of Rowan Cork in a very yummy fuchsia shade! In fact, I believe there will be enough yarn for me to make this,which is a pattern I've had my eye on for quite a while now. Mohair and I just don't get along, so I am very happy to now possess a yarn which should make gauge and won't make me itch. It might be a bit heavy for summer in Texas, but it will make a nice fall and spring top.

And now, off to knit!


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