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Monday, July 18, 2005


First, a slight apology for my lack of blog fodder - work has been crazy and then I took a small trip out of town for a friend's birthday.

Second, THANKS BUNCHES to my super SP5 pal, who sent me a fabulous gift this past week - I'll get pics up within the next couple of days.

Third (and finally), if you are at all a Harry Potter fan and have not yet secured book six, GET IT. Now. I'll not provide any spoilers, but I will say that this book, of all the ones in the series, leaves you just begging for the rest of the story. I laughed. I cried. I stayed up 'til way past my bedtime to finish the whole thing in one sitting. Now, I'm wired, speculating about the hints of foreshadowing Rowling used to show what we may be in store for in book seven. I may die of anticipation -- but now, I really need to get to bed.


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