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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Weekends are for What the Hey...?

So, it's been another long weekend of knitting fun and totally random movies. Last weekend a friend and I went to see Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and another friend and I saw Madagascar. Neither one are what I would call blockbusters, but they are suitable as brain candy. :)

This weekend, I stayed in. Darn Hollywood Video and their 4 for $20 sales. So, I picked up a few movies that might not otherwise have made it into my collection. Let me just say...oy. I managed to knit about 6 inches on my shrug while watching (and being stymied) by the following (laboratory-created) gems.

The Big Empty (2003)
Regardless of the title similarities to a movie classic never to be missed, this movie was more along the lines of...WTF?!? Actually, if you like movies like The Life Aquatic and The Royal Tenenbaums, you might enjoy this one as well. The plot had more strings than fresh mozerella and just enough *what the heck was that?* factor to keep you interested in it. Definitely odd - needs to wait a few years to see if it makes it to the level of cult classic.

I (Heart) Huckabees (2004)
Oy twice on a stick. Two thumbs up on the cinematography. The rest of it is...totally mad. Don't get me wrong - this one deserves a place on the "DVDs you should get around to watching" list, but it is certainly a mind twist. The tagline "existential comedy" covers it, if you only add the comedy part because the ending wasn't tragic.

$corched (2003)
Another WTF title, brought to you by the makers of WTF and WTF?!? Perhaps you could call it a low-budget Pulp Fiction, except I enjoyed this movie more than PF -- certainly there was less gratuitous violence. I doubt this one will ever rate cult classic, but it was certainly enjoyable for the randomness it was. Oh yeah, and John Cleese with a shotgun and a manic Pomeranian. I still think Woody Harrelson can't act.

...and now, boys and girls, time to round out the weekend with more knitting and a little Lemony Snicket. I am certainly looking forward to it being another mind bender - but even if it disappoints, I always have Top Secret to end it all. Moo.


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