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Friday, February 03, 2006

New Experiences and an AFO

I am heartily sick of sinus problems. So sick, in fact, that I gave something new a try today -- new to me, that is. Yup, I gave in and tried a neti pot. Granted, I am still a bit stuffed up, but I felt clearer right afterwards than I had in a while, so hopefully after a few more treatments I will finally be able to breathe normally again.

The Almost FO is that pair of socks for Becky I've been working on since, oh, November or so. One sock done, down to just the toe shaping on the second - should be all done tomorrow! If I can get the scarf done this week as well (to gift before the concert next weekend) I'll be ecstatic -- and if not, I'll have it done soon thereafter. Since it got (a little) cold again here this week, it should be an appreciated gift. And if not, ta 'eck wid 'im. Heh.


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