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Monday, April 03, 2006

800 Happy Texts

Sinus problems suck. But in the spirit of Pollyanna, I can at least be happy that I am not more seriously ill. Me for the neti pot.

At any rate, since I had some time for a change to browse through the blog rings (hey, sick days from rehearsal have to be good for something) I came across a few calls for posts that I thought I'd respond to as I had the chance.

The first of these is from Faith, who asked that we post pictures of our hands. Well, this is certainly not the best picture I could have taken, but I haven't gotten good at self portraitry yet, and I don't have someone else to point and shoot. :D Click on the photo to the left for a larger version.


Blogger Faith said...

I hate sinus trouble! Love the pic of your hands -- very creative. =)

I really like your flip flops! I've heard of people doing that but had never seen it till just now. They're really cute.

April 04, 2006 8:41 AM  

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