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Friday, June 23, 2006

Yup, I said Koigu

There she is, folks -- beautiful Koigu fresh from the stash, waiting to go home with one lucky contest winner. The actual color depth is slightly darker than this, but it is a nice variegated purple to black colorway.

...and what's the black goodness peeking out from under the yarn? Nothing less than my completed Wales Sweater, based on the Lacy Cowl sweater pattern from The Happy Hooker. I used Red Heart TLC Amore for the yarn, and I had to go down a hook size to make gauge. More notes on the pattern: the sleeve instructions are insane, so I decreased the number of rows for the sleeves and modified the neck increases so the cowl falls at the back of my neck and not halfway down my non-existent hump. Also, the fronts are so not designed for boobage, so the sweater does not close fully on me. However, I prefer that anyway -- and I opted not to do the lacy lacy edging because the sweater falls below my butt and five inches of lace at the neckline would have made that already large cowl look like a hood. I just used crab stitch to finish off the sleeves, as they hand just to the juncture of my thumb and hand, which is plenty long for sleeves. The neck/bodyline I finished off with a shell stitch. So, the sweater is done and ready to go on the plane with me tomorrow.

Tomorrow? Holy cow, I need to finish packing (don't panic, L - just the little necessities are all that is left. :)


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