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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Just an excuse to whine

Sigh. I'm cold. My comforters need cleaning (yes, I sleep under a blanket year-round), but I do have a clean afghan or two. Unfortunately they are the big mongo heavy winter weight ones and I'm pretty sure the one I really want to dig out of my closet weighs at least 20 pounds. Bleah - maybe I'll just put on a pair of socks with my jammies. It'll get cold tomorrow night, though, so I guess I'll just drag out the big blanket anyway. If I'm careful about it, it should be okay.

On the plus side, today was a much better day physically. I managed to get a little more walking in than usual without too much pinching from my sciatic nerve. PT was a little tough today, but in the physical workout way, not painful. This bodes very well. PT again tomorrow, and a happy trip to Kid N Ewe on Saturday!

Oh...and Go Rutgers!



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