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Monday, June 11, 2007

Ah, the smells (and tastes) of childhood

In continuance of the concept of saving money and cooking at home more often, I made hamburger and rice. It's another quick and easy dish that I used to cook for our family all the time when I was in middle and high school - and one that we all could generally agree on when it came time to decide what to eat. Honestly I do believe that the last time I cooked this was well over a decade ago, when we all still lived at my parents' house. I miss family dinners...

Speaking of family, for those of you in the know, I am happy to report that my grandmother came through surgery just fine and she should have gone back home this past weekend. Whether she'll take it to heart (no pun intended) and lighten up on the smoking and drinking is something else entirely.

For the crafty, the new Knitty is up. There are a couple of promising-looking patterns, but I'm not allowed to start anything new until I get three more baby gifts, the gift afghan and my peony shawl completed. I'm pretty sure there are about seventeen more baby gifts in the queue after that. Lots of fertile people around lately. :D

In personal news (and close to TMI so feel free to tune out now) the meeting with my neurosurgeon went very well. Despite the scare I got from my primary who said that the disc was still definitely herniated, the healing has gone exceedingly well. I still need to use anti-inflammatories when I have flare-ups, but they should lessen over time. ...and I can go back to yoga, having massages, and using my chiropractor when needed. On the downer side, I may have ovarian cysts, per the MRI, which my primary did NOT mention to me - so in for another appointment I will go. Hopefully they are normal and not a sign of anything worse, but as I haven't experienced any pain or problems related to that (that I know of) I am going to remain optimistic.

Here's a wish for continued health and joy for you and yours! :D


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