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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Plans for the Day

I would have liked to laze about all day. However, I had a class to teach this afternoon, so I forced myself out of the house pretty early just to get some exercise. Today's jaunt was to the mall, for some simple walking (and window-shopping, 'cause exercise has to be interesting). Amazingly enough, I only spent about $15 (the spending is partly why I don't mall-walk more often) on a CD - for Flogging Molly. When I was browsing in Hot Topic (still trying to find Goth Kitty merch, which is not easy to locate) they had this CD playing and I found I liked the rock-Celt thing this band has going on. A bit unusual, but then, so is the rest of my music collection.

The class went well - I taught a three-hour class on crocheting flowers for embellishment. One of the students also started work on the flower scarf from The Happy Hooker - the trick to getting started on those is to remember that you start the first round crocheting into the ring, not into the individual chains.

Now, I am home, and book 7 was in my mailbox. Yup, I'm signing off for the next few hours - I can't wait to find out what happens. :D


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