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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Setting off for another adventure

...even though I'm not going too far. This weekend Conspirare is singing Mendelssohn's Elijah for the Victoria Bach Festival. I will be the one on the stool (hey, long recuperations from an injury need to have SOME benefits).

Yesterday was kind of a sucky day - lots of grey rainy weather, which meant all the idiot drivers were being bigger idiots. Coming back from lunch, the car in front of me took a turn too fast and spun out -- thankfully, my Fusion handled the turn just fine and I both avoided the idiot and made it through the turn just fine. Happily I think everyone else behind me also managed to avoid the spin out; at least, I didn't see any collision in my rear-view. Once we got back to the building I carefully stepped on the doormat to dry my shoes before continuing -- which other people had evidently not done, because once I stepped onto the tile I slipped, with one foot traveling a completely opposite direction from the other. Thankfully all I have left as a reminder of that is a slightly twisted knee, but that makes me more thankful that I get to use my stool for the concert.

The day ended well, mostly - Kathy's hubby was holding a happy hour for his business and I got invited via a mutual friend. Free drinks and appetizers can cure a lot of ills.

See you on the flipside.


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