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Thursday, June 14, 2007

What we did last weekend

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We had a lot of fun out on Lake Travis this past weekend. Lots of sun, water, and beverages. :D If you follow the link to the rest of my Flickr set, you'll see a bunch of silliness, like several of the guys' attempts to levitate.

Of course, had I known that my back is in better shape than I thought, I probably would have joined them. Granted, it's just as well that I was more circumspect. :) It was HOT here this past weekend (heck, it still is) and jumping into the lake is one fabulous way to cool off. I did get into the water for a while, but by sliding off the back of the barge, not by jumping off the upper deck. I had originally planned to stay on the boat the whole time, and I had brought my peony shawl to work on -- and before we even left the dock my crochet hook fell out of my bag and between the slats on the boat. Well, you can find lots of other things on the bottom of Lake Austin, and now the fish can learn to crochet.


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