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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Playing catchup

I just realized that I hadn't yet posted for today, so I thought I'd better get on it so my NaBloPoMo status stays current. :D

At any rate, YES, I got my copy of Rock Band. I haven't yet had a chance to set it up, since I had to turn around and head for Mom's, but I at least have one.

In crafting news, I have started my grandmother's Christmas present. It's a crocheted shawl, and I am working with sparkly lavender and silver yarns for it (Patons Brilliance, if memory serves). I'll get more details and pics up after the holiday.

I finished Chocolate Cherry Sundae - on Saturday, I think - all the ends woven in and everything (did I mention that already?). When the sun comes out again, I'll get pics of it, and the Isis scarf needs to be blocked and have pics done as well.

Egads, it is almost the weekend again and I have lots of stuff still to do! Good thing it is a holiday weekend. Now back to my movie and blankets (the cold front finally got here) and my super secret Christmas present making. Cheers!


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