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Friday, June 13, 2008


Yay, I have a new table!

No pictures until I move into the new place, sorry -- but by then I also hope to have replaced at least my sofa. Cleaning/de-cluttering proceeds apace; I spent a couple more hours at it yesterday evening while I was waiting for the table to be delivered. The new table has a smaller footprint than my current one so it fits nicely into the space I had available. It makes it a little more difficult to put the boxes I've already sorted someplace, but I'll work around it.

The dining room is about half-way done, the entry way just needs sorting of the big stack o' shoes and then I need to tackle the remaining third of the main room (the part that isn't officially the living room, which I am counting as done). Once I've gone through the remaining clutter, I can pull out the books/yarn/videos/etc. that I intend to sell and document them -- then it is just a matter of getting them listed on Craigslist (or off to Half-Price Books for some of it). If I keep at my current schedule - excluding the time I'll be otherwise occupied for work and chorus performances - I should have the main rooms completely organized within the next two weeks. That just leaves the bedroom, and I've already tackled the hardest part there, which was thinning the herd in my closet. :D Given that schedule and the amount of time I have left before the movers come, I think I might just be able to pull this whole thing off.


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