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Wednesday, February 19, 2003

BSS and...STASH!

Well, the BSS is officially completed -- I'll have to get the pics up sometime tomorrow. The dinosaur buttons really are marvelous!

In other news, I got STASH today! Well, I already had my own stash, but one of the ladies in our church choir de-stashed in my general direction. I got a large bag mostly filled with odds and ends (she was a weaver) but there was the inclusion of five or six skeins of a Swiss yarn called Adorata (20% mohair, 80% crylor) - it looks to be a fingering weight, and each skein is 40 grams. It is in a yummy bright red - I think I may make a shawl out of it, unless I come up with (or someone gives me) a better idea. :)


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