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Monday, February 10, 2003

Ever been forced to take a sick day when you didn't want to? My doctor told me to rest as much as possible over the next couple days (translation: bed rest, young lady!) because I went in on Sunday night with chest pains. Well, aches really. Like I have chest congestion and heart burn, but no other real symptoms of anything. Thankfully the EKG and xrays all came back normal, but I am still achey. And still on enforced rest. Argh.

I think I have caught up on my sleep for a month. I did get some knitting done, but only about 15 or so rows on the BSS - I put it down after a while because I couldn't find a comfortable position to knit in. I guess it is back to reading more books - and more sleep - 'cause goodness knows there's nothing good on TV. Much as I am complaining, I guess it is better to rest to make sure nothing is seriously wrong than to overtax myself and get really sick. God willing, I'll be up and around in a couple days.


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