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Friday, November 21, 2003

Points to Ponder

A friend and I went to see The Gospel of John last night. It left me feeling, well, a little unsettled. Instead of absorbing myself into the Biblical story, I found myself picking apart factual problems with the portrayal (for example, the one-piece seamless woven garment that Jesus was supposed to be wearing had at least four seams). On the other hand, certain parts of it were very moving.

Maybe it had to do with the translation version they used (Good News translation, if anyone is interested). Maybe it had to do with the fact that Jesus spoke with a British accent and smirked quite a bit. ...and then again, maybe I need to re-read a few passages.

So, what Bible translation do you find most useful (for those of you who read it)? I am partial to the King James/Revised King James and the New International Version, myself, although I have a layman's parallel reference to compare. It is interesting how much difference a single word can make in a passage.


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