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Sunday, November 16, 2003

Working for the weekend

Sometimes work can be a real downer - and then you get a weekend, and the whole work week seems...well, ok, it doesn't necessarily seem worth it, but the weekend sure feels good! :)

I've gotten a bit of work done on Tilt over the last day or so (only an inch more to go on panel #1), plus additional stitches done on Fribble2. PF has indeed hit 15 inches, so as soon as I can remember to drag along my extra circular needle I will separate for the front and back.

I did stop into HCW yesterday afternoon and got to meet Debiie Stoller - interesting lady. She'll be at the DJCC today for the book fair, if anyone is interested. I may stop in over there (I've been dying to see the inside of the place since it was built :) but it all depends on whether I can get away from rehearsal this afternoon --- this time it is for the Alumni Choir for ULC, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary next weekend. (That'll be two church anniversaries in the same weekend - OSLC is turning 30 - for anyone who is keeping score. Gotta love it!) Add to that the fact that I just _might_ get to be an extra in a movie filming here in town next weekend.

All in all, I may not be posting that much this week, but I will definitely have my yarn and needles with me, wherever I am!!


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