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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

KIP time

We got some good KIP time in last night at Ventana Del Soul -- and I managed to knit nearly five inches on the back of my criss-cross tank. Did I mention this project yet? Since I can't locate the remaining yarn for Flutterby (it has to be around here somewhere...) I decided to start the new tank from the cover of the Spring '04 Vogue. I am using Berocco Cotton Twist instead of the Adrienne Vittadini (cheaper, and I only have to use it single stranded).

The only thing I am not entirely sure of is the gauge. I prefer the fabric I get when knitting on size 7s, but I have to use 8s to get gauge for the project, and it seems a little too airy for me. Has anyone knit with Cotton Twist - does it "bloom" a bit after washing?

Edit: Well, if I'd looked at Monday's entry before posting I would have seen that I did mention Criss-Cross already, but hey, I'm good at being repetitive. :D


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