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Thursday, June 17, 2004


Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh. And you can quote me. Apparently I was so tired when I got home from work that I neglected to lock my door fully. Possibly I intended to run out again, but either way it lead to an interesting (and kind of scary) incident.

I dozed off reading a book in my bedroom and suddenly I heard my front door open. My first thought was that it probably wasn't really my door, since the walls in any apartment complex aren't the thickest you could want. Still, I popped up and peered around my bedroom door with a big book in my hand (ready to throw) and sure enough, there was a guy's head poked into my front entry. After yelling at him to get out, he quickly disappeared (might have been a neighbor's friend mistaking the apartment number, but at least KNOCK!) and I ran over and double bolted the door.

Repeat after me: I will always lock my door. I will always lock my door. I will always lock my door.

At least the adrenaline rush has taken care of the need to doze - now to get some housework done.


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