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Friday, October 15, 2004

The back is finished!

Yes, I have finished the back of my grandmother's vest. That brings it to 45% of completion, and now I have to cast on for the front pieces. I haven't yet decided whether I want to attempt both at the same time - partially because I would have to find a big stitch holder for the back piece instead of the long Denise cord I have the back on if I did.

The birthday cake shawl was a big hit at dinner on Tuesday and at the SnB north last night -- we even had some ladies come over and marvel at all the pretty knitted things when we were at Gelato's (and Happy Birthday again, Sammi! :). So far I haven't had a chance during good light to get a picture of it, but I'll try again this weekend. Thanks to all of you who sent me birthday wishes as well - I had a fabulous weekend. *grin*

I worked a little on the Hallowig at choir practice on Wednesday, and the capelet is due for the rotation tomorrow. Perhaps I do have a shot at finishing my main WIPs before Christmas! :D


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