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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Did you finish?

I wasn't even trying for it - didn't even really enter it. However, I started and completed a project during the Olympics. It is a crocheted hat, done from Noro. Truth be told, it wasn't a difficult accomplishment, unless you consider the fact that I started it yesterday afternoon, and finished the whole thing in just over 3 hours all told.

My personal challenge I did not complete - although you might say I got the bronze for even starting on it. I, like Lindsay Kildow, wiped out with an injury early on -- managed to somehow pull a muscle rather severely in my side. Also like Lindsay, I did continue to attempt the completion, although the muscle strain proved too much for me to go the distance. Even so, I got some of the cleaning done and there is definitely a visible difference. This week I am going to continue my housecleaning quest. I really have to get some organization going on around here. :D


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