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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Knitting, schmitting

Everyone seems to be doing the Knitting Olympics this week (and next, natch). I opted not to, knowing that my crafting time would be severely curtailed by rehearsals and concerts and such.

I can proudly say, however, that I've started my own personal Olympic challenge - to get some of my apartment straightened up. Were I to have more faith in myseld, I'd say I'd make the place spotless by closing ceremonies. Realistically, that just ain't gonna happen. I figure if I can get my laundry all done, the entry way cleared out again, and perhaps the kitchen and bathroom completely clean, I'll have achieved a minor miracle. It won't stop there, but those are my minor goals to get me started. (For those of you who habitually keep a spotlessly clean house, or spend more than an hour at home other than sleep time during the week, trust me - you don't wanna know how bad it can get. The place isn't filthy, but I have a lot of stuff. Hush, V. And L, and E, and all of my other friends who've been over or have seen my car. Unless you want to come help. :O)


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