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Friday, November 30, 2007

Knitting with Japanese frog hair

Knitting with frog hair
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In a moment of extreme weakness, I picked up a Habu kit (kit #71 for those interested) while one of the Habu reps was in town with a trunk show. Tonight was a Habu Study night at Hill Country Weavers, so I headed on down there to try to figure this baby out.

See, Habu kits are written in the style of Japanese patterns (most of Setsuko Torii's patterns are in this style) and it is quite a bit different from the American and British patterns to which I am accustomed. Once you figure out the diagrams it is pretty straightforward, but it takes a bit of reading to decipher them at first.

...and with that, I conclude my participation in NaBloPoMo - it has been fun, and I will certainly try to keep up the frequency of posts. Well, at least once a week. :D


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