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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Starting the Christmas season off right

Yum. Tamales for dinner - starting the season off on just the right note. Granted, they were beef tamales instead of the traditional pork, but I forgot to buy some from the tamale house near my Mom's while I was down in S.A., and these are a suitable second.

Speaking of the Christmas season, while I think it is true that we should remember Christmas (and the true Reason for the Season) all year 'round, I despise the fact that some retailers have had their decorations up since before Thanksgiving. Heck, some have been decorated since the beginning of October. EGADS, people! I will grant that certain types of stores (craft stores, for example) need to have components for Christmas items out early for those who make things, why do the malls and big box stores feel the need to push the season? (Obviously, it is to line their pockets, which just burns me even more.)

At any rate, I am happy that the cooler weather has arrived, as I mentioned in a previous post. The rain can go away any time, though. :)


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