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Friday, June 20, 2008

Radio Silence

Once again our herione disappears into the ether, forsaking the wilds of the interwebs for parts unknown. Seeking adventure, she wanders ever further afield - away from the lure of a constant 'net link. Well, technically I suppose I could drive into town with my notebook at any time and sit at the coffeeshop, which has a perfectly good wireless connection, but that would ruin the romance of the scene, wouldn't it?

As a matter of fact, currently I am out at a ranch a few miles north of Victoria, Texas, where a wonderful family has kindly offered to host myself and another chorus member for the duration of our performance in the annual Victoria Bach Festival. The ranch is just beautiful, and the stay has been almost idyllic -- broken up only by the fact that we've had insanely long rehearsals to prepare for these concerts. :) Although we've prepared plenty back in Austin, we are bringing together three (or more) groups that haven't had much time together, so the full orchestral and chorus rehearsals are important - but exhausting.

In the small amount of time I've had to wander around town this year, I noticed a shop I don't remember from last year, although it is obviously old enough to have been around that long --- if I can remember to get a photo of the sign I will, because this is a great one. We're performing tonight in Our Saviour's Lutheran Church here in town, and then tomorrow back in Austin at the Long Center. KMFA is also doing a broadcast about the show tomorrow night - Verdi's Requiem for the interested...


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