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Saturday, August 23, 2008


I posted from my cell yesterday but it never showed up... Shame, that. I suppose I'll have to redo it and take real pics instead of the cheesy PDA cam. Ah well.

The Olympics are almost over and I may (MAY) just finish my Ravelympics project on time. Between spending time with a friend who had her first child and work stuff, not to mention still trying to get the new place in some semblance of order (oh, it's getting there, it just takes more time than I really thought it would) I haven't done nearly as much on this rug as I'd thought --- and I picked a fast crochet thinking that I could finish it off in an evening or two. To be fair, most of it was done in a couple pretty quick hunks of time -- and then it languished -- and then I picked it up and rushed through a bit more -- and then it languished -- and so on. I've only got the outside edge to finish now, plus weaving in the ends. Once that is done I think I am going to toss it in the washer on HOT to shrink it a teeny bit, since it is 100% cotton, as it is a bit looser than I'd wanted even if I did go down 4mm in hook size. What can I say, I am a loose hooker.

Pics to come later when I finally get my camera down - not much later though, since the deadline is looming!


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