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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Finding things

I keep finding interesting crafty things I completely forgot I made while I am decluttering and packing. Case in point, this winged heart I designed - it is the prototype for one I did as a centerpiece of a quilt block. Okay, so it is a totally horrible picture, but it is on my cellphone camera which doesn't do macro shots well. I don't remember if it is truly peyote stitch, but it is using seed beeds. I also don't remember what type of thread I used, but I apparently waxed it well, as that strand that sticks out to the side is stiff as all get out. The heart in the middle contains an eighth note motif -- come to think of it the winged heart part may have been based on someone else's published design and the note was my modification, but this was quite a few years ago. Either way, I kind of want to figure out something else to use this remaining prototype on....


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