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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Six years already?

A month ago I noted that my bloggiversary was coming up and was going to commemorate the date -- perhaps with a small contest, a site redesign, and some fun. Then life got a little crazy.

Right around the actual date, I started a new job (same company - just different department) that is in a much different field from what I've done for the past ten years and it's kept me hopping. Add to that a lot of the other craziness that is life (still working on the move, helping out friends, accepting singing gigs, etc.) and I haven't spent a whole lot of time on the fancy schmancy part of the blog. :)

So yes, it has been six whole years since I started this blog. I did not know how to knit when I first started - I was a crocheter who planned to learn to knit, and the blog was to help keep track of projects as well as to let me diary life. It is my only successful journal; every other journal I ever started has but a few pages written before I abandoned it to the ravages of time. I think the trick with a blog is that it also appeals to my techie geek side, and allows me to play with my photos as well - when I get around to downloading them off my camera (note to self - clean off the memory cards already!).

I am in fact still knitting and crocheting, although not as frequently as I'd like due to the madness around me, but I've recently finished a couple of small projects. One was a pair of thumbless mittens for a friend's baby shower (and they are so cute!) and I am working on another gift for the same friend. I neglected to get a pic of the mittens (hint, hint, E) but I'll get a pic of the other before I gift it to her - at the very least for my Ravelry project page, which has also been sadly neglected.

Will this blog continue to host a lot of knitting content over the next few years? Who knows - perhaps it's time to change the title to something that suits the potpourri of things that I tend to journal. At the very least, I need a new template. mrgreen So, stick around, gentle readers - the ride can only get better.


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