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Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Independence Day!!

...and it's going to be a hot and muggy one!

Yesterday one of the coolest things happened -- I was out to dinner with my mother and her husband, who happened to be wearing his Pearl Harbor Survivor ballcap. Two little kids saw the hat when we came in the restaurant and sought him out later on -- to thank him for serving our country. They had visited Pearl Harbor a couple times and were very excited to meet someone who had been there when the war started. It was very cute and so touching...

Hanging with a bunch of other friends was nice later on that evening -- mostly people I used to work with, who I don't get to see often. One former co-worker hosts a heck of a 3rd of July party annually, pretty much as an excuse to blow up as many incendiary devices as possible. I missed the finale because I was inside talking to a knitting bud, who is married to one of the cronies of this crowd (small world :) but we heard it -- I think they lit off three finale boxes together plus a few more things with fuses tied together. Every year I am amazed that no-one gets blown up.

Today we'll see what happens - a few parades offer, fireworks in every city, naturally. I don't think I want to wander downtown since it is usually a madhouse (and since it is already so humid outside) but I would like to hear one of the symphonies or bands later, I think.

I've kept on with the apartment cleaning -- just two weeks and a couple days to go before the movers get here! Egads time is moving quickly. Today I moved my RH stash out to the car to go home with Mom. I'm not using it -- as evidenced by the fact that it just sits there -- and she makes lots of afghans for the grandkids, so home with her it goes. So much yarn that my trunk is full and I had to put some on the backseat --- and I still have scads of yarn hanging around. I really need to finish the de-stashing process. I really need to finish packing. Give me another week and we'll be in full blown panic mode. Time to get working again...


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