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Monday, August 18, 2008

My weekend

Yes, it was a busy weekend... I built furniture, got some olympics crocheting done, got more unpacking done, and even got to spend more time with some friends who are new parents. Would likely have done more of that last if I could have but circumstances allowed, but it was not to be. However, they probably would have gotten sick of me anyway. :D

The picture is of my new etagere for the bathroom. Technically I'm not sure it is strictly an etagere, as that just means shelves in French, I think -- this will actually have a cabinet on top as you might be able to tell from the hinges and should stand nicely behind the toilet. I'm hoping the legs are wide enough that I don't have to bolt it to the wall as the instructions state -- a point that was NOT made on the outside of the box. Between that and the "easy assembly" label (which LIED!) they did include, this has been an interesting project so far, but it is getting done. It at least is fitting together better than a media shelf I built, and the back of it (save for that very visible middle seam) is much better quality than the back of the bookshelves my nephew and I put together a couple weeks ago.

Later this week I should get my new sofa delivered, with a coffee table as well - so yay for new furniture that I didn't have to assemble! After that, no new furniture for a good long while - although there are still more pieces I want to add/replace, my budget is done for now. My next focus will be on getting my old desk and coffee table up on Craigslist finally, plus getting some stash up for sale on Ravelry like I'd planned before the move. It will get done, it will, it will.

As far as the crafting goes, the Ravelympics project is almost done -- a round and a half left to go on my bathroom rug, and the (censored) for (censored) is more than half done - I am on the colorwork, which is slow going and not easy to take as a traveling project. Once the rug is finished, which should be tonight I think, that will be my only in progress item -- everything else is pretty much in UFO status.

...and I just looked at the clock and need to dash to work - so I'm off!


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