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Friday, September 19, 2008

But who will I share my booty with?

Arr, mateys - it be time for International Talk Like a Pirate Day once more.

Of course, that be hard to sustain. I be short on sleep, what with hurricanes a-blowin' and long shifts of work and all.

Ptui. Back to normal speech - type - whatever. My houseguests (evacs from the Houston area due to Ike) went back home yesterday. I think they still don't have power, and from the pics I saw there is going to be some damage to the house to clean up, but hopefully it is minimal. I haven't heard back from them yet to see whether the interior of the house was okay or whether a lot of water got in, but I do know they at least have a place to stay for the next few days that does have power so they are in a tenable situation. Lots of prayers go out to all still trying to recover! I've been blog-silent mostly due to keeping them company (with a very active little 6 month old) plus work has been insane lately and looks to be a bit busy for a while yet. Life is fun - see you on the flipside!


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