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Saturday, September 06, 2008

So hard to say goodbye to yesterday

The larger this blog gets, the more unwieldy it is to continue to use Blogger to manage it. I've yet to find a good dropdown code that works with my site to show the archives in manageable form, as the one piece of code I did have stopped working over a year ago. I still haven't figured out whether it was a fatal error on my ISP's part or Blogger's part that caused the issue. Add to that the fact that occasionally FTP updates from Blogger simply fail (at one point the epic fail was because my site was too big, even though I was only trying to publish a post at a time) and the failures are getting more and more frustrating, and I think it is time to move on and make a change.

At any rate, my webhosting service forced an upgrade on me, but now that means I can actually use PHP and Perl and such on my site --- which means WordPress, baby. It will take me a bit of time to get everything set up on the new blog - and decide how I want to move forward with it - but I've decided it will be ready to go no later than my birthday. That gives me just over a month to get off my duff and get the code cleaned up, plus get my archives here straightened out so that the transition isn't so painful.

Of course, I will post a redirect link so that anyone who is currently hitting this blog directly will see the notice of relocation. However, anyone only subbed to the RSS feeds will have to update their links once the change is made...

Change is good - it revitalizes the soul. Let's see if I can make this one with fewer snafus than other changes I've made lately. Heh.


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