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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I'm beginning to feel as though moving here was a horrible, horrible decision.

I mean, I know everything about a move doesn't automatically go smoothly, but come ON. Lately every last little thing is going wrong. The phone company made the worst transition ever with my service. The previous residents were apparently horrible trashdwelling pigs that left all sorts of problems that I keep finding (although the leasing office has been great about addressing them, this is true).

...and the latest nail in my coffin comes from the energy company. I was happily a customer of Austin Energy for the entire time I lived at my prior residence. Their rates are extremely reasonable and I never had a problem with billing or getting service response when necessary. Now my options are all companies that charge a heck of a lot more (twice the rate, actually), and when I got my first full month bill - no, not full month, only 29 days - for almost twice what I was paying the old utility company I about choked. I knew that my bills would go up from having a larger place (not to mention having a washer and dryer here) and that the rate I signed up for was slightly higher --- but they are charging me significantly higher than what I thought I agreed to. After talking to multiple unhelpful "not my department, let me transfer you" type weenies, I finally get to a customer service answering machine with a message - "due to high call volumes, please leave your name and number and we will call you back." No estimated time, nothing. I have high hopes for this one, I tell ya.

Kvetch, kvetch, kvetch. I need a drink.


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